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topic posted Thu, June 22, 2006 - 7:38 PM by  Badger

I am new here. I am somewhat familiar with Hinduism and Hindu deities, but not too much indepth terminology or practice. I am curious what offerings can be made to Hanuman, and how one would honor him, get his attention, or thank him in a traditional way. What does he like?

I am also curious as to some other things associated with him. When is his festival? His colors, etc.?


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    Thu, June 22, 2006 - 10:17 PM
    Hi Badger,

    I'm not Hindu; what I do is bhakti yoga, or the yoga of devotion, and Hanuman is my personal deity. Tuesday is His special day. I have an altar to Him and on Tuesday I give him a banana and 11 flowers. I say the Hanuman Chalisa 11 times and give him one flower after each one. I also have a candle lit and incense burning. Sometimes I fast on Tuesday, except for the Hanuman prasad. Sometimes I made ladoos for Him on Tuesday; they're His favorite (and mine too!) Hanuman's birthday (Hanuman Jayanti) is in spring, the first full moon in March I believe.

    Hanuman is easy to worship and easy to Love. Read the Ramayana if you want to know his story--you will fall in Love like I did. If you ask Him what He wants you to do, He will say "worship Ram". He likes bananas, ladoos, and other sweets. He likes everyone to chant Ram Ram Sitaram!

    Hari Om!

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      Fri, June 23, 2006 - 4:22 PM
      Thanks, Cynthia! I did some research online and know about his story and relationship to Rama. In the past, I've thought Hanuman was interesting, but never quite thought of him twice. I was more interested in Shiva/Shakti, rather than the Vishnu tradition. Recently, I was getting these images in my mind and found myself mysteriously drawn to Hanuman. After doing a bit of research I found a reference to him being an incarnation of Shiva! I had no idea previously. Right now, his presence makes complete sense to me personally.

      Anyways, could you tell me a bit more about appropriate colors for him or specific types of flowers for him? I think I know what ladoos are, but not entirely sure. (A yogurt drink?) After leaving an offering, how long do you keep it there at the altar and what do you do with it afterwards? What particular flavors of sweets does he like? Is there an incense or oil appropriate to him? (Sandalwood?)

      Sorry for all the questions, but I would like to do this correctly. Wondering how you have your altar set up? I will try to find the Chalisa online, but maybe it is already in one of the tribe posts here. I'll look...

      PS- Hopefully others here can also let me know about other Hanuman associations.


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        Fri, June 23, 2006 - 4:24 PM
        BTW- What is the "Hanuman prasad"?
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          Sat, June 24, 2006 - 7:34 PM
          I'm not sure the reason, but it's a wonderful thing to see how active Hanuman energy is getting in the world right now. I think it has something to do with simplicity, boiling down all philosophies to just having a *heart* connection, not a *head* connection, with God/dess. To feel and know, inside, without a doubt, that God is Real.

          Prasad, to my understanding, is food you have offered to the gods. When They're "done", you eat it and it is special and blessed.

          It seems to me like your altar should have whatever things evoke Love for your chosen deity. A picture, statue, or symbol of some sort like a Shiva Lingam, food or flowers for offering. I like to offer Hanuman earth, air, fire, and water. That would be food or flowers for earth, incense for air, a candle for fire, and water for water (two little containers, pour water from one to the other).

          Hanuman's colors are yellows, oranges, reds, browns. Ladoos are sweets made from ghee, chickpea flour, powdered sugar, and cardamom.

          And yeah, play the Hanuman Chalisa, sung by somebody who Loves Hanuman, like Krishna Das or Jai Uttal.

          Bolo Ram!
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    Tue, October 18, 2011 - 8:42 AM
    Well this is a late response but here is what i have found:
    ban ladoo are his favorites...fruits can be offered to him...tuesdays and saturdays are his days...tuesdays for worshiping him and saturdays is a day where you ask for protection against saturns negative influences....
    he statute is covered with vermillion paste as a sign to his dedication to ram.
    his number is 108 or 1008 thats the amount of times you are supposed to chant "Om Hanumati Namah", this is chant after decorating him with flowers and other offerings and at the end you say swaha....but if you add 108 or 1008 you will see that his number is 9.
    here is an offering where everything together must weight 8 grams and no more: ghee, til (no idea what it is), sandalwood powder, sugar, camphor, saffron, nagarmotha (no idea what it is), barley grains and rice....then poor in fire like it were incense. this is called Havan. and the chanting starts with atulita bal dhaman followed by om hanumanti 108 times, this is called shloka....
    hanuman face should look east....
    all these information was taken from Gods and Goddesses of India: 8 HANUMAN by Dr B.K. Chaturvedi
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      Sun, October 14, 2012 - 1:57 AM
      If you have been worshipping Hanuman Ji for long time then you would have felt a few things eg: ur heart would start to beat faster, concentration increases, ur drawn to red things, u become brave and intelligent. His worship demolishes in us the nuerological defect of ego which is the invisible source of all problems. However take care that some people might feel that u intimidate them or challenge them when in fact u r not doing so at all be careful if when you are thinking some thing in your head and a very fierce expression comes on your face. Also if of late you have started feeling fatigued or tired take care to get your Iron levels checked because the element of saturn is Iron and Hanuman ji (although he rescued saturn but still the fight between the 2 has been going on ever since and now since ur worshipping him ur a part of it so take care of ur Iron levels if u have started to feel tired or depressed) btw depression and melancholy are the two greatest tools of saturn to take u from a state of action to inaction So take care and try wearing red, green, yellow and orange to dispel the dark energy that comes towards you.

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